About Us

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About Us

We are a family business made up of three directors. Myself, my wife and her sister. Being of Pacific Island decent we were blessed with a larger-than-most body type and the challenges that comes along with it. One of these challenges is fashion. I am sure our target customer can relate.

We started this business because of a dilemma I had one day while doing low impact training in the local pools, where the rash top I wore (which was too small but all I could find) tore from neck to naval while training. I only realised it when getting out of the pool the finger pointing began. You can imagine the rest.

To my frustration a replacement in my size was not only rare but the one I did find was very expensive ($170)  I decided to source my own custom sized rash shirt and soon realised that I was not alone with this problem. Hence the creation of our product.

We found a great supplier in China that have this great quality product. They have customised our product based on our Big US size chart. Yes that's right larger than average. We love the fit and I am sure you will too.

Finally we envision to provide fashion and accessories catered for us larger folk trying to be active, be comfortable and dignified doing it.